Oklahoma vs Georgia Rose Bowl 2018 Preview

The game to watch of all the BOCES it’s  be George Oklahoma. I mean two very different styles in a game that I’m looking forward to yeah certainly. if to credit what Georgia was able to do and Kirby’s smart mentioned. It directly after the win where he said hey the difference in this game versus what happened on the plains. Just a few weeks ago is composure and physicality our guys were determined to come back and play a more physical style.

Oklahoma vs Georgia

On both sides of the rose bowl and also we maintained our composure when we were hit with adversity. we didn’t panic we’ve been on the big stage now we responded the second time and to see a team that was. so I don’t want to say dominated because I think that’s a little bit too strong and Auburn but clearly outplayed in the 4217 loss to turn it around against a very quality foe a team. That some people were considering at the time maybe this is the best team in the country and after giving up the touchdown Drive.

Where it could creep into your head oh here we go again that they turned it around on a dime and outplayed Auburn and didn’t give up another point the rest of the way and now they face Bake. Mayfield and in watching him play TC or a second time and really coast to a win. Who knows how many points they could have scored against a quality defense that guy just the savvy in which he plays in and out of the pocket. Seems to know where to duck a defender where to move around in the pocket when to escape when to roll when to take off with it and one particular play ran like 55 yards.

I was amazed at him running with some instances past defensive backs for a huge game he’s just a magician whether you like him.Should be yes just a fascinating matchup I mean as soon as one of Oklahoma’s wide outs have a step on you the the football gonna go past your ear hole for a 65 yard Touch down .That’s how good Baker Mayfield is i watch all that big 12 game Saturday market and just thought this guy’s completing passes that very few if any college quarterbacks can make up you know stopping on a dime. Throwing 60 yard bombs and Oklahoma’s  guys catching them in stride. TCU’s DB’s just just had no idea where the ball was all afternoon I’m getting back to Georgia .You know people really underestimate the horrors of trying to win a road game against a ranked team in the SCC Georgia could not do that at Jordan hare two weeks ago they come back.

Just execute very well in in Atlanta on Saturday I thought the first game against Auburn Georgia had two or three plays .That maybe could have a swung momentum one way and they went for three and that you know they were able to take like. You mentioned that first punch in the mouth on Auburn’s scoring drive and then Georgia has

dominated really from start to finish between the tackles. They manhandled Auburn up front that it did a great job defensively. Lorenzo Carter Devon Bellamy wrote Quan Smith those three guys. I mean they are make Baker Mayfield tonight a miserable one at least that’s what Kirby smart hope. so I mean it’s kind of funny the first time in four years that a league gets to team in and the SEC let’s be honest really didn’t have a great year um had had three elite teams.

I think Alabama Georgia and Auburn and outside of those three is kind of mediocre program. So it’s just strange to me that you know several years ago might have been the six or seven ranked teams in the SEC. Maybe that Lee could have got two teams. Just kind of weird it is weird and the league certainly from a coaching standpoint is in upheaval right now.In turmoil focused in Tennessee but extending to other programs as well Jimbo Fisher of course being the big name moving from Florida State to Texas A&M;